Detective Conan (名探偵 コナン) is manga series created by Gosho Aoyama (青山 剛昌 Aoyama Yoshimasa). It is a verry populair detective series in japan, outside japan it hase less vieuws.
Detective Conan

Conan Edogawa

Outside Japan the name where called Case Closed. It where counting 66 volumes wich that volume 67 must gonna come in Febraury 18 2010. The covers where always showing Conan Edogawa and a real life picture at the manga volume. The series where showing a great detective called Jimmy Kudo (工藤 新一 Kudou Shin'ichi) that where forced by a poison that hase shrinked him into a child. He goes under the pseudonym Conan Edogawa (江戸川 コナン Edogawa Conan) that come's from two great mystery writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Edogawa Ranpo. Detective Conan make clashes with Arsene Lupin the 3rd (ルピン 三世 Rupin Sansei) and Kindaichi Case File's (金田一 少年 の 事件簿 Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo). In every manga a detective enceclopedie where added every volume.

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  • The new episode 565 The Witness that Cannot be Seen (Mite nai Mokugekisha (見てない目撃者)) is been aired on TV, evenly the new opening As the Dew of Garnet Crow.
  • Detective Conan File 723: The Sealed Room above the Lake Appeared, contineuing the murder in the Hot Springs
  • Detective Conan Vol. 67 hase appears.
  • Detective Conan's Beika City is acually based on Sherlock Holmes apparment Baker Streets 221B, evenly in normal Beika City means actually Baker City.
  • That the school of Detective Conan Teitan high come's from Tantei if you do Tan-tei and than you put Tei first than you have Teitan
  • That the name Kudo come's from a detective that Gosho Aoyama shows in his Detective Mystery Library (Great Detective Gallery).
  • Shin'ichi is also more named of One Truth in the enceclopedy but the style is written different wich that Kudou Shin'ichi's true meaning is Progress, One
  • Gosho Aoyama starts to get borred on Detective Conan and that he really wanna go on with Yaiba.
  • Detective Conan and Magic Kaito (Kaito Kid) where representing the time's when Maurice LeBlanc's Arsene Lupin and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes where been compared, but it where never being compared by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but only by Maurice LeBanc.
  • Gosho Aoyama's drawing style is being professionased by long line's
  • Conan Edogawa can never be the replacement of the great detective Sherlock Holmes, evenly it where in some places unknown but Sherlock Holmes where been famous around the world no matter where you are, Conan cannot be the replacement of Sherlock Holmes.
  • Magic Kaito's Kuroba is a name come's from clover that where alo showned at his manocle.
  • Detective Conan is outside Japan a verry bad series about that America hate's cops and evenly maybe Detective Conan where not evenly hase a great watch uppinity.

Cover of the MonthEdit

The great, great volume of the moth hase to be Volume 37 where Conan is trapping Vodka with a DC Disc but later where being disturbt by Gin. Evenly people's knows how stupid Vodka
is, evenly I hase the feeling at the first volume. Well Gin almost caught Conan when he reconize that an adult cannot fid into the locker. Whell first whar happens is that Conan and professor Agasa where being trapped by bank robbers, Well Conan made plans with Vodka to make a meeting with him. Well the first thing what happens in the volume is that Conan must gonnna dissable a bomb in the elevator, where later Detective Takagi almost finds out Conan's secret where later Detective Sato where tracked the bomber who killed her former love intrest a long while ago. What later also happens is that there a murder case where placed at the movie sets and in a hotel wich that there a man appeared who looked liked the persons from Magic Kaito.

This volume is representing the deceased bomb expert that where suprised with another bomb which that he become's useless, This volume cover is also one of Gosho Aoyama's superb volume's, wich evenly that is also true. Vodka where operating solo in the volume where evenly later Gin appears and nuckled the plan of Conan. Well, on the next volume is where a failure and Conan get's almost busted, whell he never whill no where the hideout is of the Black Crow Organization.

Superb CoverEdit

Volume 42

This is really one great cover evenly, in this volume where happens is that Haibara where thinking about he deceased sister Akemi, where than that later to an wurst, what later hase to

Conan on a Halloween Party?

be happens is that Vermouth going in Disguise to find out the truth behind Conan and Haibara as the Teitan High school doctor. Later while on the while on the halloween party, the action begins when Vodka is evenly also in disguise on the Halloween boat party, where that Kudou Shin'ichi prevails hisself under the Mummy mask, Vodka thinks now that Kudou is acuallly death and evenly almost trying to call Gin but later it where presummed to be Heiji aigan that disguise as Shin'ichi (last in Volume 26). Whel later what happens is that Vermouth hase tricked Haibara. Evenly there where maybe a murder case on the Halloween Ship, but evenly Heiji where maybe entertain them. Whell later when the school docter where holding Jodie down where Jodie later knows that it where actually Vermouth. Later what happens that Vermouth where shooting Jodie, where later Haibara is actually Conan. That where saving Jodie with his power kick shoes. Later what happens is that Calvados (Chianti's deceased boyfriend) where shooting at Jodie, Haibara apears and evenly later Shuichi Akai appears also with that he broke both Calvados legs where Calvados attempted suicide that he don't wanna be captured by the police. While later Haibara is being saved by Ran, Conan wanna trap Vermouth but she's really a verry smart woman, that evenly hase a sleeping gas phone, while that Conan falls into sleep, Vermouth knows both of the two identity's that Conan = Kudou Shin'ichi and Haibara = Shiho Miyano. While that Gin calls here and that where started that Conan is Vermouth's Silver Bullet. Silver Bullet is maybe attempted by a former fairytale about a Crow that hate's the Silver Moon (maybe??). Evenly that the Black Organization are evenly are addicted to Crows maybe that is the story about an Silver Bullet.

Conan on the Olympic Games?.

Olympic Conan

There's the Olympic Winter Games from now on, evenly on volume 50 i can see that it where being the same that as now that the olympical days where helted in Vancouver in Canada. Well Conan is not on the winter olympics but on a case, and the case is where Heiji and Shin'ichi where clashing eachoter. Evenly a murder case where placed at the time on their school trip. Wich evenly strange is, is in volume 51 that they where smilling to eachoter when they where solving the case and more the strange's is in Volume 10 there where showing that Heiji where searching for Shin'ichi evenly that where Conan where saying that he never know'd Heiji before. Heiji is a verry great detective, but he solves cases like..... I don't know, but the great news is, is that Gosho Aoyama hase a high populairity in Japan and I'm going to study Japanese.

When does there come's an end at Conan?Edit

I where looking to manga website's that where showing every chapters of various manga's, evenly i read also the forum site's where saying that they had enough about Detective Conan. Well that is been treu, I have also enough about detective conan. Not only the people's but also the Author Gosho Aoyama, but i still enjoy the manga series verry hardfull, but evenly when it reach only part two of the chapter i know already who the culprit is. Well evenly Gosho Aoyama make's every cases exellent, that evenly pro criminals cannot think of, and when they are doing the same like that, and if there's a police cop that read Detective Conan, you are so so BUSTED!!. But there's also another manga that i admire and that is ONE PIECE, I think it is better than Detective Conan bicause that hase reallya taste of emotion playing to people's, the latest chapter named Death of Portgaz D. Ace where Ace is being killed by a magma Vice Amiral navy wich name is hase forgotten, Luffy used all his emotion in the end that he where being shocked.... What's gonna happens on the next Chapter of One Piece that appears Wensday 17th February 2010. I'm gonna to check it out ladys and Gentleman wooohoooo!!!!!.